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Live your slowest nightmares with this realistic, adult-sized sloth costume

Photo: ullstein bild Dtl. (Getty Images)

Sloths are pretty cute, right? Among the clawed mammals, they’re definitely the most chill, largely content to hang out in trees and show off facial expressions that would roughly equate to “dopey smile” on a human being. Take them out of the trees—and make them, let’s say, human sized—and the cuteness factor starts to give way to horror, though, something proven extensively (some might even say “unnecessarily”) in a recent Instagram photo series from costume maker Karoline Hinz.


In fact, the pictures of Hinz’s work are so unsettling as to be positively inspirational; we’re suddenly imagining a fantastic idea for a new horror film. Imagine It Follows, except instead of a shape-changing, invisible creature that could manifest as your deepest sexual fears, it was just someone wearing this thing. And instead of pursuing you inexhaustibly at a walking pace, they slowly slothed toward you, possibly taking years to catch up. It’s the ultimate slow burn, knowing that somewhere out there, your pursuer is on the verge of catching up (unless you get in a car or walk quickly, at least), relentless in its pursuit, except for all those times it pauses to hang from a branch or munch on a nearby leaf. Chilling.

[via Laughing Squid]


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