Giving hope to all the aspiring screenwriters out there working on their Betamax horror scripts, Deadline reports that Dimension Films—The Weinstein Company’s genre division responsible for the Hellraiser, Scream, and later Halloween movies—has bought the rights to a short film about a cursed Polaroid camera with the intent of developing it as a feature.

The concept of Polaroid hearkens back to the early-to-mid ’00s, when anxiety about rapidly changing technologies resulted in horror movies about killer VHS tapes (The Ring), cell phones (One Missed Call), emails (Pulse), and, yes, cameras (Shutter). This particular variation on the theme is directed by Norwegian Lars Klevberg, who will be making his feature debut; the trailer for the film is very dark, tense, and acknowledges that technology has changed since the last wave of movies like this, namely in the world’s collective obsession with “likes.” Polaroid is not available to watch online in its 16-minute entirety yet, but will be screening as part of the Fangoria International Online Film Festival.