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Live from your wallet, it’s the Saturday Night Live credit card

Not to be outdone by The Walking Dead credit card, MasterCard is giving consumers the opportunity to live the same glamorous lifestyle as one of America’s most upscale and financially solvent groups: comedians.

The Saturday Night Live Mastercard allows cardholders to vicariously experience the exciting life of a young, up-and-coming SNL cast member, mostly by staring at the New York City skyline printed on the front of the card. Users also earn four times the bonus points when purchasing entertainment on Saturdays, even though they really ought be at home watching Saturday Night Live at that time. Points can be used to “get access to exclusive content, merchandise, and even tickets.”


But the most exciting benefit of the SNL MasterCard is probably the Cardholder Exclusive SNL Leather Wallet, which is sent to cardholders who spend $500 or more within the first 180 days of receiving the card. The Cardholder Exclusive SNL Leather Wallet is, of course, subject to credit approval, picked out by a bank, and may be replaced with “items of similar value,” like a DVD copy of The Best Of David Spade. Either way, it’ll arrive in four to six weeks.

[via Splitsider]

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