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Live, die, reboot: The Edge Of Tomorrow sequel is back on, probably

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Good news for time loop fans who haven’t already gotten their temporal fix from Groundhog Day, Russian Doll, Happy Death Day 2U, or Groundhog Day: The long-planned sequel to Tom Cruise’s Edge Of Tomorrow (or Live, Die, Repeat, or All You Need Is Kill, or whatever the hell we’re calling one of the more giddily enjoyable sci-fi war movies of the last few years) is apparently back on. But like the first film itself, this whole effort relies on the heroic efforts of one unlikely man: screenwriter Matthew Robinson, one of several writers with a story credit on 2016's very stupid Monster Trucks.


Essentially, all three of the big names behind the original Edge Of Tomorrow—Cruise, Emily Blunt, and director Doug Liman— have made it clear that they’d be happy to make another one, if a good enough script shows up for it. (No small task, given how definitively the first movie seemed to wrap up both Cruise’s character arc, as well as his ability to jump backwards in time every time he dies.) Robinson—whose other credits include Ricky Gervais’ The Invention Of Lying—is the guy who’s just been tapped to make that happen.

Despite offering up what might be cinema’s purest expression of our collective desire to watch a smarmy Tom Cruise eat it, over and over again, development on the prospective Edge sequel appears to have stalled out in recent years; Liman last talked seriously about it in 2017, when he tried to saddle it with the god-awful title Live And Die And Repeat And Repeat, and Cruise’s personal scribe Christopher McQuarrie—who co-wrote the original movie—has been busy with other, bigger franchises.


Honestly, we’re rooting for this one—the first movie really is fun as hell—even if Robinson ends up getting squashed a few times along the way in his efforts to get it done.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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