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Live, die, and live again with a comparison of Fury Road and the rest of the Mad Max films

If the Star Wars movies were intended to rhyme, then the Mad Max films are certainly even closer to a form of echoing call-and-response poetry. L.A.-based editor/filmmaker Pablo Fernández Eyre has assembled a video that showcases all of the various shots in Mad Max: Fury Road that resemble earlier scenes in the original Mad Max trilogy. It shows director George Miller’s penchant to use similar shots in order to establish his post-apocalyptic universe, as he also reaches into his formidable bag of tricks to amp up the action.

There’s been a surfeit of Mad Max: Fury Road content created for the web, from hieroglyphics retelling the tale to a mash-up with Adventure Time. But none previously have gone so far into the original Mad Max mythos to show off how well the newest chapter fits inside the canon and look of the previous entries. It’s an impressive overview of the stylistic choices that dominate all the Mad Max films, and shows how Miller is able to create a sense of visual unity across many different films and decades. Plus it’s scored to “Brothers In Arms” by Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a. Junkie XL) from the score of Fury Road, one raucous track that will probably be used in an untold number of fan films and temp scores for years to come.


Mad Max: Fury Road vs Mad Max Trilogy from whoispablo on Vimeo.

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