From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe of ‘80s nostalgia, comes a legend—the legend of the live-action adaptation of Voltron: Defender Of The Universe, a mighty robot cartoon once loved by many, a reboot feared by most. After being rumored in 2007, the Voltron adaptation’s legend grew, until it was downgraded from big-screen feature that would likely draw unflattering comparisons to Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise to a Nickelodeon cartoon that most could ignore and therefore forgive, and peace settled across the galaxy. But then Relativity Media—a mighty robot of a movie company that chooses film projects based on a purely mathematical risk-assessment algorithm—recognized the dawning of both a new age of big-ass battlin' robots and films based on old toy properties, ran the necessary calculations, and decided that a live-action Voltron was needed once more. This is the story of the perfectly average force of explorers—including screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly (the Conan The Barbarian reboot) and Joshua Oppenheimer (Sahara)—adequately trained in four-quadrant audience appeal and overall marketing concerns, and sent by the Relativity alliance to bring back Voltron: Defender Of The Universe.