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If the pursuit of Brad Pitt to play a teenager didn’t convince you that Warner Bros. is determined to hedge every bet on its live-action remake of Akira, Variety reports that it has now brought in Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves, who’s been asked to polish a script that’s passed through at least four writers already. The Hughes Brothers’ adaptation still doesn’t have a release date or a cast—though as we reported earlier, offers were made to James Franco and Mila Kunis, both of whom balked—and although it doesn’t have an official budget, the assumption is that the necessities of creating a giant futuristic metropolis and then systematically destroying it means the cost will be astronomical, which is obviously making Warner Bros. nervous—hence their rousting of one of their most successful scribes out of the holding pen. But you know, since everyone’s talking about it now, there’s no turning back.


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