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Liv Tyler makes all of Stephen Colbert's elvish dreams come true on The Late Show

Liv Tyler, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Anyone in the know knows that Late Show host Stephen Colbert is arguably the biggest Lord Of The Rings fan in this or any other Earth. Naturally, such an argument would take place in the original Sindarian, even though Colbert admitted to last night’s guest Liv Tyler that his mastery of the elvish tongue is a little rusty. Unlike Hadhafang, the gleaming sword with which Tyler’s elf warrior-princess Arwen held back the ring wraiths that one time. Of course, Colbert would probably tell you that the sword’s name is considered non-canonical, but screw that for the time being, as the Tolkien-obsessed host was clearly tickled silly at the opportunity to play with the shiny, very real prop blade. (Smaug never brought Colbert anything. Just sayin’.)

Greeting Tyler (there technically to promote her role as Lady Isabella Fitzwilliam in Hulu’s Harlots) with her full name as “Arwen Undómiel, the evening star of her people,” Colbert wasted no time in pretty adorably geeking out. “I’m a little starstruck right now,” the beaming Colbert confessed, before Tyler gifted her number one fan with the opportunity to unsheathe Hadhafang and—after being assured it was “safe for TV”—reenacted Colbert’s fantasy of being in her most famous scene from Peter Jackson’s Tolkien trilogy. (The good trilogy, not that other one.) With Colbert scrunched down as Frodo, the gamely blushing Tyler brandished her blade and told those wraiths (or Colbert’s cameras), “If you want him, come and claim him!” She even redid the scene in the impressively remembered elvish, before taking back the sword, even though, as she confessed to the disbelieving Colbert, she doesn’t take it out and play with it nearly as much as he would.


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