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Littler celebrates the glory of La Croix in the video for “Slippery”

Of all the great things that Philadelphia’s burgeoning DIY scene has to offer, First Time’s The Charm may be the most important. The annual event sees people pick up instruments, form bands, then play their first show together. It’s the type of supportive, community-focused event that puts punk’s all-inclusive ethos into practice. A few years ago Littler played its first show as part of First Time’s The Charm—though it was functioning under the name Calamity Jane back then—and now, after a handful of releases, it released its debut album, Of Wandering, just under a month ago on Birdtapes. Today, The A.V. Club is premiering the video “Slippery,” a stand-out from Of Wandering that shows that, while Littler fits in with its Philly contemporaries, it’s got a voice that’s all its own. The video for “Slippery” is appropriately lo-fi, featuring a shoutout to La Croix that’s fitting given Littler’s bubbly concoction.

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