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Florence Pugh had a helluva 2019, the 24-year old scoring critical acclaim for her spirited turns in Little Women, Midsommar, and Fighting With My Family. One might see an overnight sensation in Pugh, a breakout whose talent seems to have arrived fully formed, but, as Mashable points out, her career began like it does for so many Hollywood hopefuls: On YouTube.


In a thoroughly modern happenstance, Pugh’s now-dormant YouTube channel has been unveiled by the masses, who are currently obsessing over her tender, wide-eyed covers—as “Flossie Rose”—of tunes by Tom Petty, Jack Johnson, and The Lumineers. Peppered in are a few original tunes, as well as that singer-songwriter rite of passage: “Wonderwall.” You gotta cover “Wonderwall.”

Pugh hasn’t posted to the channel in roughly three years, which is around the time her turn in Lady Macbeth began turning heads. Might the renewed attention encourage her to the dust off the old axe? Perhaps a duet with boyfriend Zach Braff is in the future? Or a return to the Battle Of The Bands with Lucy Rose’s “Shiver”?

It’s all very sweet and very relatable and much, much preferable to people digging up old improv routines or, god forbid, Bad Tweets. Watch some other highlights from her channel below.

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