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Little boy Asa Butterfield is in talks to be the new little boy Spider-Man

Ender's Game

According to Deadline, professional little boy Asa Butterfield—who is apparently 18, but look at that wittle face—is “in early talks” to play the newly teenaged Spider-Man. Deadline’s anonymous sources claim that Butterfield is “one of a select group of actors being strongly considered for the gig,” so it sounds like he’s not quite Spidey, but he’s apparently the frontrunner. This all lines up with a report from a few weeks ago that claimed Butterfield—who recently starred in the Ender’s Game adaptation—was on a short list of little boys who Sony and Marvel wanted for the role.

The new MCU-friendly version of Spidey will reportedly debut in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, where he will appear alongside every other Marvel character ever. He’ll then move onto (another) rebooted series of his own films, which—as indicated by the fact that he’ll almost certainly be a little boy—will take him back to high school. That’ll be a few years from now, though, so maybe it won’t seem so weird by then?


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