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Little Barron Trump is on his way to becoming a manga icon

Source: Twitter

Barron Trump, the only begotten child of President-elect Donald Trump and his queen Melania, is a poor, sweet, sleepy boy. Here he was on the night of the election, roused from his slumber atop a high downy pile of velvety stuffed animals.


As Buzzfeed reported after the election, the apple-cheeked Prince Of America became something of a sensation on Japanese Twitter. Sample comments included:

“I don’t know if that boy on TV is Trump’s son or grandson. I heard he’s very cute, but I wonder if he’ll start looking like his father when he grows old.”

“It’s fun to watch the boy standing next to Trump. I can only imagine him saying ‘tiiiiiiiiired’.”

Indeed! Since then, a much-shared image from the manga artist Yuusuke Hori has helped spread the rumor that Barron, Heir-Apparent to All Fifty States, Plus Candyland is actually the star of a manga entitled: “My loud, annoying dad is president, so the quiet unassuming life I wanted is completely over.”


While it’s just a cover at this point, the anime site RocketNews24 notes that Barron’s story is a perfect fit for a subgenre of manga called bishonen, which translates literally to “beautiful boy.” Fans are eager for a fuller literary exploration of the sleepy boy’s adventures outdoors.

In other news, Eric Trump still just looks like a shitty vampire.


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