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Literally Unbelievable: People who think The Onion is real

If you're reading this, you know what The Onion is, and at the very least enjoy its genius from time to time. You might also know that, on occasion, its satirical stories are taken as true because either a) the reader's never heard of The Onion, b) the stories are distributed on the Internet or in an RSS reader and seen in succession after legit stories, or c) it doesn't say "CAUTION: THIS IS A FAKE PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" anywhere on the site. It happens. If The Onion's doing its job right, its stories are inherently ridiculous, but not completely out of the realm of possibility; satire, after all, is grounded in some truth. And now there's Literally Unbelievable, which compiles the best reactions via Facebook (the voice of the PEOPLE) from those who think The Onion is 100 percent true. And…wow. Just, wow. It's incredible. What's hysterical is just how angry people get when they believe Onion stories as if they were the God's-honest truth—and I do mean God, as in a lot of these people talk about Jesus in their responses. Let's save that anger for the real news, folks. As delivered by Ryan Seacrest.


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