When Florida’s You Blew It! released the first song from its new album Keep Doing What You’re Doing (“Award Of The Year Award”) it was met with claims that the band was maturing, an easy designation to make given the fact its last album was titled Grow Up, Dude. Even with the track showing an expansion of its sonic capabilities, the band has never been adverse to change, as musical shifts and line-up changes have been nearly constant over the band’s career. For the recording of Keep Doing What You’re Doing the band headed to Chicago to work with the like-minded team of engineer Matt Jordan (Cut Teeth, Lifted Bells) and producer Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It, Their / They’re / There), who ended up playing bass on the record as well. The result is the band’s most deliberate and calculated work to date, using the album’s title to serve as a bit of misdirection, and though there’s no lack of interlocking guitar-lines this time they’ve got a backbone of feedback that helps put the band’s best foot forward.

The A.V. Club is premiering “House Address” below, a song that serves as a makeshift mantra for both the record and the band when vocalist/guitarist Tanner Jones sings, “I’m not the sum of my parts,” proving each step in the band’s evolution is both necessary and unavoidable. Perhaps the band has grown up, but it’s still as energized as ever, dude.