William Elliott Whitmore (Photo courtesy of Bloodshot Records)

Eight records deep, William Elliott Whitmore has shown no signs of slowing down. The Iowa native makes bluegrass that works in a similar fashion to Bruce Springsteen’s world-weary Americana. Today, The A.V. Club is streaming Whitmore’s side of his upcoming split single with EsmĂ© Patterson, which is coming November 18 on Bloodshot Records. Here Whitmore takes on “Elysium,” from Patterson’s debut album, and while he doesn’t drastically change the arrangement, he uses his gravel-trodden voice to put his own spin on Patterson’s creation. Of the song, Whitmore had this to say:

“EsmĂ© and I became buddies while on tour last year. The idea for this 7-inch grew out of that, out of respect for each other and each other’s music. I chose her song ‘Elysium’ for this project because I loved the lyrical Imagery and melody. I tried my best to do it justice.”


Pre-orders for the split are available now through Bloodshot Records.