Over the past few years it’s been nearly impossible for any type of band that displayed certain ‘90s-centric reference points–whether it be emo, grunge, or shoegaze–to not have the word “revival” equated with its sound. It’s the belief that these returning sounds are all regimented under their assorted tents, not allowed to interlope or cross boundaries. And that’s what makes Vetter Kids’ such an anomaly, as each one of these respective revivals seem to be part of the genetic make up of the Texas trio.

The A.V. Club is steaming Logan–the band’s second EP on the year–below, and its five songs are each an amalgam of the best of ‘90s icons. The guitars take the effects-pedal stomping of shoegaze and rev it up to the point where it sounds like a long-lost Nirvana gut-punch, but a few soothing reprieves keep the punk-inspired act from getting unfairly lumped in as emo. Logan’s twists and turns show Vetter Kids aren’t content to be so easily pegged, instead taking the remnants of a few disparate genres and constructing a leaner version that’s all its own.


Vetter Kids tour dates:
October 17–Spider House Ballroom (Album Release Party)–Austin, Texas
October 19–Rakes End–Cincinnati, Ohio
October 21–Shea Stadium (Texas Is Funny Records CMJ Showcase )–Brooklyn, New York
October 24–The Wooly–Brooklyn, New York