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What started as a songwriting project for Chicago's Evan Weiss under the moniker Into It. Over It. quickly blossomed into a band more ambitious than the endeavor that bore it. After a year of writing and releasing songs—all compiled on No Sleep Record's 52 Weeks—Weiss released six split 7-inches chronicling his experiences in various cities across the U.S. before releasing his first full-length album, the aptly titled Proper, in 2011. 

Although Weiss had been touring for years on his own, offering up stripped-down versions of full-band numbers and plaintive acoustic tracks, last fall Weiss assembled a band featuring members of Noumenon, Cut Teeth, and CSTVT and took Into It. Over It. on the road as a full band for the first time. Along for the ride was Hilary Corts who documented the tour, and this June Topshelf Records will be releasing a 7-inch of two live tracks and an accompanying book of Corts' photos entitled Life Is Suffering

The A.V. Club has an exclusive stream of the two live tracks from Life Is Suffering, the aching "Anchor" and the energized "Wearing White" which both originally appeared on 52 Weeks.


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