The cover of Trevor Noah's Born A Crime

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah helped us through the election, with Trevor Noah’s invaluable wit and rare perspective providing much-needed context to Trump’s rise and eventual win. So it’s a good time for his autobiography, Born A Crime, to come out: Now more than ever, we need honest voices talking truth to power, and Noah’s book is a good demonstration of just how valuable his perspective is. “The biggest perspective I bring is coming from a country that has extreme racial tensions, just like America,” Noah told The A.V. Club in July. “We have a very strained situation in our relation to the British, but we handle it in different ways, obviously. But there are many parts of America that I understand because of the country that I am from.”

Noah brings those racial tensions home in Born A Crime, where he details his childhood in South Africa, born to a white father and black mother—a crime punishable with imprisonment at the time. Born A Crime mixes his fascinating history with his signature humor, as evidenced by the following clip Noah performed for Audible.


Born A Crime goes on sale today. We recommend checking Audible’s audiobook version, as hearing Noah’s reading makes the story even more personable.


Trevor Noah performs Born A Crime for Audible