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Listen to the Wu-Tang/Warcraft mashup you didn’t know you wanted

(Image: MegaRan)

Nerdcore artist Phill Harmonix and producer MegaRan have come together to create what might be the ultimate geek-hop project, WuCraft. The seven-song mixtape has Harmonix rhyming about things like The Horde and Pandarens and how much it sucks when people sit over your corpse and re-kill you every time you try to bring you character back to life.

The highlight of the project is probably “Orcs vs. Men”—which uses the beat from “Meth vs. Chef,” obviously. Not only is it a remarkably solid explanation of the core conflict in the Warcraft universe, it’s also really well done. The only reason this project works is because Harmonix can really rap. Maybe not on a Ghostface level, but he’s at least as good as U-God or Masta Killa. If he couldn’t go in, this wouldn’t be funny; it would just be annoying and borderline offensive. Instead, it’s a fun listen even if you’re only marginally acquainted with Warcraft.


At any rate, the whole thing is available for free, so go download it now.

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