Jurassic Park

With Jurassic World stomping into theaters this weekend, it’s a good time to wax nostalgic for Steven Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park. While appreciating the groundbreaking visual effects is a no-brainer, it’s also important to remember how central the sound design was in lending reality to the creatures .

Edited by Jacob T. Swinney, “Hearing Jurassic Park” is a compilation of the growls, rumbles, and bellows of the genetically resurrected predators that populated John Hammond’s sanctuary/death trap. Gary Rydstrom won two Academy Awards for his work on the film, and created the Mesozoic-era roars by blending together an array of animal sounds. Of course, what this compilation doesn’t tell you is that these foul-mouthed monsters are actually prattling off a litany of obscenities, making this video the prehistoric ancestor to this one.


[via Laughing Squid]