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Listen to the podcast of the A.V. Club/Chicago Tribune/Filmspotting Oscar preview

Illustration for article titled Listen to the podcast of the iA.V. Club/i/iChicago Tribune/i/Filmspotting Oscar preview

Last Thursday, I joined Filmspotting’s Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson and Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Philips onstage at the Chicago Theater (check out the marquee!) for a lively discussion of the big Oscar category nominees (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress) and our most and least favorite Oscar-winning performances in history. The house was packed, participatory, and incredibly knowledgeable, offering up film titles and directors any time we faltered, and asking well-informed questions at the end. You can hear or download the whole thing here.


(Sorry, Nabin fans—Nathan Rabin was scheduled to be part of this roundtable talk, but last week’s gigantic, airport-crippling snowstorm trapped him in Atlanta. We’ll get him next time for sure.)

And just in case you still haven’t had enough Oscar coverage, here’s a bonus podcast: I recently talked to Canadian radio’s Day 6 show about how the Best Picture nominees match up to the Bechdel Test. (Hint: generally not so well.) Don’t worry, the Oscars will be over soon enough, and then we can move on to dissecting them in vast detail, instead of theorizing about them in vast detail.

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