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Illustration for article titled Listen to the officially official version of Daft Punks new single, Get Lucky

After a bunch of bogus, fan-created versions of Daft Punk’s new single repeatedly tricked the Internet this week, it would appear that a legit version of the track has finally popped up.


An Edmonton, Alberta radio station posted a “radio edit” of “Get Lucky” on its site earlier today, but then quickly pulled it down. Michiel Veenstra, a DJ on Dutch radio station 3FM, was a little ballsier. He played the track twice on his show today, and posted video of himself doing so to YouTube. While viewers have to put up with some weird Dutch chatter up top and in the middle of the clip, Veenstra is pretty adorable as he dances enthusiastically to the track, which is definitely a total jam.

The officially official version of the track will be available for the public to download tonight starting at 12:01 a.m. eastern, and Daft Punk’s new record, Random Access Memories, is out May 21. Pre-orders are ongoing.

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