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Screenshot: The Office (YouTube)

Stranger Things has us feeling moody and nostalgic this summer, so thank goodness for reddit user Noaxreal, who, in turning the office theme into an ’80s soundtrack he’s recalibrated the sitcom standard into something that could fit right into the Stranger Things soundtrack.


Scranton Things jokes aside, it’s an impressive reimagining of the familiar theme song: synth-laden, emo-friendly, and riddled with faint sound bites like Pam’s “I saw you naked.” Honestly, it more closely matches the underlying feel of The Office than the more cheerful original: a bunch of workers trapped in fluorescent lighting at a boring, dead-end job, lorded over by an annoying megalomaniac. The electronic drums kick in nobly, but they’re still trapped in that same endless melody loop—just like Jim when he briefly tried to liven things up with the office olympics, only to soon succumb to the same old familiar grind.

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