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Listen to the new solo single from Swervedriver frontman Adam Franklin

From 1990 to 1998, Adam Franklin served as the lead singer of Swervedriver, one of the UK’s preeminent shoegaze acts. Though the group got back together in 2008, Franklin has kept to his own course and spent additional time focusing on his own music, which aims to blend that shoegaze sound with some dream-pop haziness. Black Horses, Franklin’s latest record with his group, Bolts Of Melody, isn’t out until July 16 on Goodnight Records, but The A.V. Club has the exclusive premiere of the first single.

Franklin wrote “Boocat Leah” back in 2006, but didn’t release it until now because Boocat Leah was an actual Googleable person from Cleveland. Somehow—Fakeblock, maybe?—all traces of Boocat Leah have vanished from the Internet since the song’s creation, leading Franklin to believe that it’s probably okay for the track to be out in the ether now.


Black Horses is available for pre-order now.

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