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Listen to Tenement bruise music on its new collection album

Appleton, Wisconsin’s Tenement has been kicking around for nearly a decade, and though it has cycled through members and released a slew of singles, it’s only offered one proper album in that time. Many of those early singles are long out-of-print, but as Tenement preps the release of its sophomore album, it’s offering a look back for those who missed the band’s earlier incarnations. On March 10 Grave Mistake and Toxic Pop Records will release Bruised Music Volume 1, the first of two collection records compiling the band’s earliest works and hard-to-find rarities. The A.V Club is premiering the remastered version of “The Fire Is Out,” a song that previously appeared on a compilation and was otherwise lost to the sands of time. Bruised Music Volume 1 will be accompanied by an eight-page zine featuring anecdotes from members of bands such as Screaming Females, and pre-orders for the release are now available from both Grave Mistake and Toxic Pop.


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