On its debut full-length Major Arcana–and even more so on this year’s excellent Real Hair EP–Speedy Ortiz has proven itself to be one of the best band’s that references the ‘90s indie-rock renaissance. Its snaking guitar riffs serve as the platform upon which Sadie Dupuis routinely presents ear-wormy hooks, making it more than just a band chasing after slack-rock originators. The A.V. Club is premiering “Bigger Party,” a track that will be part of Adult Swim’s singles series, which has already released songs from Tim Hecker, Destruction Unit, and more. “Bigger Party” shows a different side of the band, as a freak-folk undercurrent propels the song and sees Dupuis imbued with a bit of a country twang as she offers apologies to a third party before self-deprecatingly calling herself a shithead.