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Listen to “Run,” the first new Foo Fighters single since 2015

Foo Fighters performing at a concert honoring Tom Petty at the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 10 (Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images)

The Foo Fighters have been on an indefinite hiatus for the past few years, give or take an occasional gig, like a set honoring Tom Petty during Grammys week. But the band has been gearing up for a new international tour this summer, which kicked off over Memorial Day weekend at the BottleRock Festival in Napa, the only U.S. date announced so far. They’ll next hit Iceland, followed by 12 European stops, including headlining at the Glastonbury Fest; then they’re off to Asia, starting in Japan and ending up in Singapore.

Unsurprisingly there’s new music in store as well, as the band has teased new tracks like “Keep Your Pretty Promise To Yourself” and “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” at some random gigs. Today sees the first official release of a new song since 2015: “Run,” backed by another video directed by Dave Grohl himself. The song sees the Foos in familiar territory, kicking off with a ballad-esque beginning, only to quickly shift into raging high gear, bolstered by Grohl-screamed lyrics.

The video takes place at a restrictive nursing home where the seniors are trapped under the iron rule of Missi Pyle, playing a Nurse Ratched type. The Foo Fighters, performing in unrecognizable old-age makeup, inspire a nursing-home riot, in which not-Nurse Ratched is defeated, stage dives are performed, and some hipsters are kicked out of a car. (There’s also a probably fake but probably NSFW shot of a topless elderly woman.) The best part may be the dance number at the end, in which the old people resemble the murderous zombies from “Thriller.” There’s a none-too-subtle message here about not going gently into that good night; although the Foo Fighters are nearing the band’s 25th anniversary, they’re still a long way from the retirement home.

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