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Listen to No Resolution, Tim Kasher’s latest heartbreaking solo album

Tim Kasher (Photo: Shervin Lainez)

Tim Kasher certainly is ambitious. With his bands Cursive and The Good Life, Kasher’s become known for conceptual records about heartbreak, warring families, and, well, more heartbreak. So it’s fitting that his upcoming solo record builds on that familiar premise, but takes it all a step further. This Friday, Kasher will release No Resolution on the label he started with his Cursive bandmates, 15 Passenger, and The A.V. Club is streaming the album below.

Each of the 15 songs will also make their way into Kasher’s debut film, which he wrote and directed. Both tell the story of an engaged couple teetering on the edge of collapse, and the songs that make up No Resolution are simply affecting, offering a peak into some intimate moments of domestic discord. Of the record, Kasher offered the following:

“I’ve been collecting songs for this record on and off for the last four years, so I’m ecstatic to finally see this being released. And ecstatic to be self-releasing on our new label! Attempting to represent these songs live is a challenge I’m looking forward to; we have a wee string section of cello and violin to cover a lot of ground, as well as a couple multi-instrumentalists to fill in the gaps. Thanks for potentially checking this out and hope to see you at a show.”


No Resolution is out March 3 on 15 Passenger and pre-orders are available now. Kasher’s upcoming tour dates can be found here.

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