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With It: Chapter 2 and Doctor Sleep having come and gone, the next most-anticipated entry in the Stephen King cinematic renaissance is probably Josh Boone’s 10-part adaptation of post-apocalyptic epic The Stand for CBS All Access. We’re not horribly enthused about the casting—Nat Wolff as Lloyd Henreid?—but we remain excited to see how Boone distinguishes his version from the 1994 miniseries.


We’re also stoked to see who Marilyn Manson ends up playing. Back in July, the shock rocker revealed he plays a role. He also announced a cover of The Doors’ “The End” for the series that he recorded with Shooter Jennings. We still have no idea who he’ll play—we’re betting on the Monster Shouter—but the cover is now available. Hear it below.

The song’s a good fit for Manson, what with its talk of insane children and patricide. He plays up those climactic lyrics, too, adding a few whispery cries of “motherfucker” to his chilly, tar-black mix. There’s even a skeletal bit of twang thanks to Jennings, evoking the string-driven score of the miniseries.


The cover is available for streaming now, but it’ll be released as a 12-inch picture disc on March 6. Could the series also be premiering around then? It’s unannounced as of now, but this could be a clue.

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