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Listen to Kenny Feinstein's bluegrass punk take on My Bloody Valentine's "Loomer"

Portland-based Kenny Feinstein has made his musical name as the frontman of Water Tower, a rootsy bluegrass punk outfit. For his solo debut, out this September, he’s stretching out even further, into noise rock. Loveless: Hurts To Love finds Feinstein covering every track from My Bloody Valentine’s 1991 Loveless, plus “Swallow” from the group’s 1991 Tremelo EP. He’s not giving the tracks the full drone treatment, though; rather, he’s folking them up, performing them on acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro, fiddle, and dulcimer. It sounds beyond strange, but somehow it works.

Feinstein has already released the video for “What You Want,” featuring Richard Buckner, but The A.V. Club has the exclusive premiere of his take on “Loomer.” Listen below and wallow.


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