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Listen to Ke$ha and Iggy Pop’s sex-fueled duet

Ke$ha’s latest record, Warrior, features contributions from a lot of people—Sia, the Dust Brothers, Calvin Harris, and so on—but the most anticipated duet has been the one between the dirty, greasy pop star and the dirty, greasy Iggy Pop. The song, the appropriately titled “Dirty Love,” hit the net this weekend and it’s just about as bonkers as everyone expected.

Featuring sparkling turns of phrase like “champagne tastes like jizz to me” and “cockroaches do it in garbage cans / rug merchants do it in Afghanistan,” the track is an almost-three-minute rock-pop romp through lazy sex references and awkward vocals—but that was maybe the point? Do Pop and Ke$ha really take themselves seriously at this point? They can’t even be bothered to wear shirts to the studio.


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