It’s been a few moons since Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon dominated the headlines with his dog-defiling VMA disses, Northern Exposure-themed tattoo contests, and bro-tacular workout videos. But instead of holing up in a remote cabin and writing down his feelings (again), Vernon has been using his time away to shepherd a new, less pensive band into existence: The Shouting Matches. The Vernon-led blues-rock outfit—which includes Phil Cook of Megafaun and Brian Moen of Peter Wolf Crier—is set to release its debut album, Grownass Man, April 16 on Middle West. Before the album officially wakes up and greets the world—and before The Shouting Matches play Coachella this weekend—you can stream Grownass Man in its entirety over at As far as we can tell, it contains absolutely no lyrics that will leave the gulls crying out high in the baby blue sky.