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Hightide Hotel has been kicking around the Philadelphia punk scene for years, and as it prepares for the release of its second full-length album Naturally–on September 30 via Count Your Lucky Stars–the band is omitting the type of touring cycle that normally follows. Instead, Hightide Hotel will be breaking up, opting not to approach Naturally as a follow-up to Nothing Was Missing, Except Me but as the trio’s culmination of its creative effort. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Naturally below in advance of the album’s release, and though it falls in line with Hightide’s previous works, it refuses to dissolve into a whimpering goodbye for the band. Launching the album with the kind of morose pop-punk Saves The Day once dealt in, Naturally never relents, and by the time the stop-start shifts in “A Soft, Subtle Sound” bring the album to a close Hightide Hotel has yet to take a second to feel sorry for itself, opting to avoid pleasantries and go out with a bang.


Pre-orders for Naturally can be found via Count Your Lucky Stars.

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