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Listen to “Goodbye Moonmen” from Rick And Morty in its entirety

Rick And Morty

Sometimes a fart can hide great beauty within. Maybe that’s the message of “Mortynight Run,” the second episode of the second season of Rick And Morty, in which the titular duo attempts to help a gaseous entity escape capture. Or maybe it’s just an excuse for a string of excellent fart jokes later by Rick—the world will never know. What is known is that in the midst of evading authorities the gaseous creature, known as “Fart,” entreats Morty to a beautiful song about life, love, and other nonsense phrases.

The song, as performed by guest star Jemaine Clement, is now available to listen and download from Adult Swim and can be heard below. For those looking to recreate the anthem themselves, redditor Delete_your_system32 broke down the guitar chords for the beautiful, Bowie-esque space freakout about saying goodbye to some moonmen. Listen below to the beautiful crooning as written by David Phillips and Dan Harmon, and dream of a better world where all farts transport people to a magical place of inner peace and universal understanding.


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