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Listen to Doomtree take on the “final boss” with a new track

On its 2011 album No Kings, Minneapolis hip-hop crew Doomtree threw a brick at the genre’s upper crust. It was an album full of punk-inspired energy and references to anarchism, making the record simultaneously angry and party-ready. The seven-piece’s follow-up, All Hands, hits stores Jan. 27 and boasts a title that sees the group attempting to reconstruct what it dismantled four years ago. The A.V. Club is premiering album opener “Final Boss“ in advance of All Hands’ release, and while the group’s five MCs still offer vitriolic verses, they’re inclined to toss in mentions of video game boss levels and cheat codes alongside inflammatory political texts. Pre-orders for All Hands can still be had via Doomtree’s site, and the crew will be going on tour in support of the record throughout February and March.


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