East London rockers Cheatahs have members from both sides of the Atlantic—representing England, Germany, Canada, and the U.S.—and their sound is appropriately a diverse mix of ’90s grungy shoegaze. A little Dinosaur Jr., some Stone Roses, a dash of Ride, mixed together in a way that yields crunchy textures with dreamy melodies and wispy vocal harmonies. February’s Extended Plays collected the eight tracks from the band’s two 2012 EPs, but now Cheatahs is hard at work on their debut LP. The first of those songs, “Fall,” debuted in March, revealing a slower-paced My Bloody Valentine influence, but on new single “Cut The Grass,” the quartet is back to an uptempo wall of sound. The single will be available with double A-side track “Kenworth” on October 29, and Cheatah’s first full-length album will be out on Wichita in early 2014.