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Listen to Chesney Hawkes’ Warcraft-inspired “One And Only”

Graohic: Rob Dean

Director Duncan Jones’ Warcraft was mildly received by critics and audiences (except for China) who found spectacle in the film but some problems with the story. And while it has its share of supporters and fans, including a devout Jamie Lee Curtis, and is technically the highest grossing video game adaptation of all time (even though it’s losing money), perhaps all it needed to get over with audiences was a jaunty tune? Last night, the director tweeted out a link to a version of “One And Only” that Chesney Hawkes recorded specifically for the film, but was ultimately not used.


It’s a springy, medieval-sounding version of the pop hit that wouldn’t sound out of place at a Renaissance Faire. For those who don’t get the joke, Jones has used Hawkes’ song in his previous two films, Moon and Source Code, as a sort of winking reference to the plots of both and to each other. In Moon, it’s the alarm that wakes up Sam Rockwell’s character:

And in Source Code, it is Michelle Monaghan’s ringtone. Had it been used, it would’ve made for a nice triptych of films sharing a very small element along the lines of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy. It might have even enticed some more Hawkes fans to the theater.

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