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Listen to Calculator represent the sound of young America

Not to be confused with Jesse Thorn’s podcast The Sound Of Young America, on June 17 Flannel Gurl Records will put out a compilation under that same name, chronicling some Americas spazziest young acts. While each one hails from a different part of the country, the four acts are united under their math rock tendencies and DIY leanings, making the compilation’s contents an honest representation of its title. California’s Calculator has long been a pillar of the hardcore scene, and its offering for The Sound Of Young America finds the group picking up where last year’s This Will Come To Pass left off. As intense as ever, Calculator finds ways to turn its jagged nature into something tuneful on “Only The Winds Home,” and the expert production of Jack Shirley (of the now-defunct Comadre) helps keep the band’s attack from seeming muddled.

The A.V. Club is premiering “Only The Winds Home” below, and pre-orders for The Sound Of Young America, which also features Innards, Capacities, and Itto, can be had via Flannel Gurl’s store.


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