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Listen to Beyoncé's new single, bitch

Beyoncé just dropped a new single, and it’s, well, it’s not your normal Beyoncé track. The song, “Bow Down,” features the former Destiny’s Child singer unleashing a barrage of “bitches,” and addressing her haters, all the while channeling the trill rap style of her hometown, Houston. She even shouts out UGK.

While there’s still no release date for the Beyoncé record that will probably come out this year, the singer wants the world to know she hasn't bailed on the music world to be a mom and wife. According to some of the "Bow Down" lyrics, she “took some time to live my life / but don’t think I’m just [Jay-Z’s] little wife,” and believes that women like herself are “smart enough to make them millions / strong enough to bear the children / then get back to business.” Girl, preach.


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