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This past May, Philadelphia’s Beach Slang released its debut EP, Who Would Ever Want Something So Broken?, on Dead Broke Records, and the punk scene quickly took to buzzing about the band. Though Beach Slang’s members had all earned their stripes playing in a variety of other punk bands–most notably vocalist James Snyder, who sang in bratty pop-punk unit Weston–the band galvanized fans by offering up four summer anthems right as the season was about to kick into gear. After signing to Tiny Engines, Beach Slang announced its second four-song EP for the year, one a bit more suited for fall, Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street.


The A.V. Club is premiering “We Are Nothing,” in advance of Cheap Thrills’ digital release next week (with the EP being released on vinyl at the end of October), which sees Snyder in a state decidedly more plaintive than the band’s debut. “We Are Nothing” comes across as the type of downtrodden Americana that would call a Bruce Springsteen solo album home, with Snyder’s world-weary voice showing how Beach Slang’s charms translate to ballads just as well as they do summer anthems.

Pre-orders for Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street can be found via Tiny Engines, and Beach Slang’s upcoming tour dates can be found below.


Beach Slang tour dates:
October 10–Township–Chicago, Illinois
October 11–Brass Rail–Fort Wayne, Indiana
October 12–Cave–Toronto, Canada
October 14–St. Vitus–Brooklyn, New York
October 15–Middle East–Boston, Massachussetts
October 16–Asbury Lanes–Asbury Park, New Jersey
October 17–The Fire–Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 18–Club Cafe–Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 19–Grog Shop–Cleveland, Ohio
October 31–The Fest–Gainesville, Flordia

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