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Listen to an electro-tinged Death Cab For Cutie from The Electronic Anthology Project

Built To Spill member Brett Nelson has spent the past couple of years working on, among other things, electro-tinged takes on some of his friends’ songs. 2012’s The Electronic Anthology Project Of Dinosaur Jr. found him bleeping and blooping through J. Mascis riffs and was met with such enthusiasm that he’s made a follow-up. The Electronic Anthology Project of Death Cab For Cutie is out July 2 and features fuzzed out versions of two cuts—"Soul Meets Body" and "Champagne From A Paper Cup"—hand-picked by DCFC frontman Ben Gibbard, who also contributed new vocals. The A.V. Club has an exclusive listen to the latter below.

The 7-inch is available for pre-order now both as a lovely colored piece of vinyl and as a two-song digital bundle.


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