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Listen to an 8-bit mashup of every song from the new Daft Punk album

Joe Jeremiah has been covering songs in chiptune style on his YouTube channel for a while, but the latest in his “A Bit Of 8-Bit” series comes right on the heels of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, and it combines elements of every song on that album. As he cycles through the big melodies from each track, the names flash onscreen like a “Ready Player One” motif to track each song as it floats in and out of the track. He’s even got an 8-bit necktie and 8-bit-rimmed glasses to match the visual style to the music. Much like Daft Punk does on Alive 2007, the track blends elements of each song over one another to form a one flowing, cohesive performance. Only 8-bit style.

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