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Listen to a track from Demon Queen, a collaboration between Tobacco and Zackey Force Funk

Tobacco's sound can already be a little scary in certain situations, with the voice effects sometimes sounding like a person possessed. Now the artist has teamed up with weird rapper Zackey Force Funk, and the two have put some conscious effort into creating audibly pleasing, yet haunting, music. This (super NSFW) video seems to sum up what the duo is going for.

Demon Queen's first album, Exorcise Tape, is due out next month, and The A.V. Club has the premiere of one of the singles. It's easy to recognize Tobacco's distinct vocals on the track, but there's more of a weird hip-hop feel to it. Apparently the two created the album by switching files back and forth between Pittsburgh and Tucson, like a more Satanic Postal Service. Funk said his influence came from a dangerous strip club that acted as his sanctuary after a rough break up. "The record is really about satanic stripper shit, prisons, and the strip on 29th Street in Tucson," he says. Listen to the track below, which the band says is "best listened to while sweating out evil spirits or sins."


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