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Listen to a six-year-old girl's catchy grindcore song about pancakes

It’s fairly easy to make a jokey take on grindcore. Just muster up some Cookie Monster vocals and 35 seconds of rumbling guitar and post it to YouTube. What’s not easy, though, is making a cute, worthwhile, and actually funny grindcore parody. That’s what six-year-old Joanie “Bologna” Young and her dad Adam “Blackula” Young did with their song, “I Want Pancakes.” Young senior let Young junior pick the name of their fictional group—Sockweb—as well as the delicious subject matter. The track is an argument between dad and daughter over foods (“I WANT MACARONI!”), games, and whether or not Joanie Bologna is grounded forever. It’s pretty adorable and pretty catchy. Plus, pancakes really do sound good right about now. [via MetalSucks]


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