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Listen to a remastered track from Spraynard’s soon-to-be reissued debut album

In 2014, after a couple years apart, Pennsylvania pop-punk trio Spraynard got back in the van and started working on new music. Last week the band announced it had signed to Jade Tree, a label that also reactivated in 2014, for an album scheduled to come out this summer. Before Spraynard unleashes this new record, one that vocalist Pat Graham has touted as being the band’s most introspective yet, it will be reissuing its 2010 debut, Cut And Paste, via a co-release between Square Of Opposition and Dead Broke Rekerds. The A.V. Club is streaming the first track from the newly remastered album, “The ‘Z’ Sealed It For Me,” which punches up the band’s earliest record without removing any of its heart. Pre-orders for the vinyl reissue of Cut And Paste will be available on February 24 through both Dead Broke and Square Of Opposition, while details on the band’s upcoming third album remain forthcoming.


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