Constantly shifting experimental act Negativland has been making pointed noises over the course of three decades. Though members have shifted in and out over the years, the band has maintained its penchant for absurdist looks at modern society, and with the forthcoming release of It’s All In Your Head, it strives to take that all one step further. While the album itself is based heavily around why humans believe in religious deities, The A.V. Club is premiering one of It’s All In Your Head’s more curious tracks, the found-audio collage “Right Might.”

A Disney insider–and Negativland fan–apparently offered the band audio recordings from various attractions at Disneyland and Disney World, so the band took to dismantling certain pieces of Disney’s history and turning it into “Right Might.” The song pulls the bulk of its sounds from a ’60s attraction known as “Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln,” creating something new and slightly disturbing from an old animatronic standby.