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It’s been a decade since pop-punk stalwarts The Mr. T Experience released new music, but that hasn’t kept the band’s leader Dr. Frank from keeping busy during that time. In 2006 he released the acclaimed YA novel King Dork under his real name, Frank Portman, and with another novel released in the interim he’s now releasing the long-awaited sequel to his debut. Next week Portman will release King Dork Approximately, and while you’ll have to wait to read The A.V. Club’s review, Portman put together a new MTX song that can be listened to right here, right now. The track shares a name with Portman’s new book and it’s fitting just how much “King Dork Approximately” uses its bubblegum hooks to become the soundtrack to his very own coming of age tale. “King Dork Approximately” is also available for purchase via iTunes, or on a cassingle from Mooster Records, and King Dork Approximately hits shelves on December 9.

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