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Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has been busy lately working on Amok, the debut album for his side project, Atoms For Peace. And apparently, when not making music, Thom Yorke likes to make music, because he and producer Nigel Godrich have just released a mixtape of unfinished and remixed material entitled Dazed Digital. It’s a 25-minute collection of glitchy beats, eerie, enigmatic vocals, and unsettling ambient tones. Presumably, it’s meant to tide fans over until Amok’s release on Feb. 26. See the stylized tracklist below. [via Pretty Much Amazing]


Thom Yorke: cycles mk 3
Atoms for Peace: you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry unfinished rmx
Mali Musicians: mali: kono, the sacred birdÃ≈
Liars: proud evolution thom yorke 500quid rmx
Thom Yorke i don’t need an excuse unfinished
Radiohead: bloom treatments
Anstam: morning shiver down the black wood river
Radiohead: give up the ghost thom yorke rmx
Average Joe: the grind vs Atoms for Peace: unless

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