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As we reported last month, Jeff Tweedy—you may know him from such outfits as Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, and Loose Fur—will release a solo album this year, and launch a tour this summer with a band that includes his son, Spencer, on drums. The album now has a name, Sukierae, and a release date, September 16. In a press release issued literally minutes ago, Tweedy describes the record as “a solo album performed by a duo”—meaning him and 18-year-old Spencer and please excuse us for a second because we’re tearing up a little bit thinking about our sons getting older and still wanting to hang out with us. The first track from Sukierae (pronounced “sue-key-ray”) is streaming now, and you can listen to “I’ll Sing It” below. Tweedy and his touring band will record an Austin City Limits performance on June 20 and appear on The Tonight Show on July 24. In tougher news for the Tweedy family, Jeff’s wife Sue Miller—a friend to basically the entire city of Chicago, and former co-owner of the venerated Lounge Ax club—was recently diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, for which she’s currently being treated. A team will participate in the annual Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light The Night Walk to raise money in her name for cancer education and research, and to send her all the good vibrations that she’s sent the city over the years. (You can donate at that link.)


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