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Listen to a mind-rattling new track from Taggart & Rosewood

Back in November the incredibly NSFW “Drone Boning” compelled the Internet to believe that porn could be aesthetically pleasing for reasons that are totally non-sexual. The sweeping shots of landscapes necessitated a soundtrack decidedly different than a bunch of Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wows, and that’s where the ambient, electronic washes of Taggart & Rosewood came in handy. The duo of Zach Coulter (Solid Gold) and Ryan Olson (Poliça) had previously worked together in Gayngs, but their new project Taggart & Rosewood proved even more heady than the last. The duo’s debut album The Killingest–which will be released by Totally Gross National Product–was produced after Coulter and Olson recorded the synapses of their brains with an Emotiv EEG while the pair was under the influence of DMT. The duo then translated this into music, and with the help of Spoon’s drummer Jim Eno, The Killingest became a lumbering, auto-tuned trip into the deepest recesses of the mind. Below, The A.V. Club is premiering a new song from The Killingest called “Samantha Corrie,” which is just as avant-garde and trippy as the pair’s previous work, but far safer to listen to in polite company.

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